Sunday, September 16, 2012

Today's PStUM: Sumac Trees

Sumac trees are a joke. I'm not referring to poison sumac, which is unrelated, but those stupid-ass pseudo-tropical looking trees that grow literally everywhere. They ruin everything, and I just can't say why. They almost seem like they aren't real. Was in the mountains a while ago and found this spot over the Youghiogheny river (the spellcheck for that word suggested I was trying to spell "toughener") and I swear to god the view was just about ruined by a large grove of sumac trees right in front of us. They remove any sense of whimsy or beauty from any scene and replace it with the subtle ambiance of a temperate-continental climate region highway shoulder. Never has a plant been so emblematic of everything that is the opposite of nature. It's like, get a job, you ugly trees. Stop growing everywhere. You're dumb.

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