Sunday, September 16, 2012

Today's PStUM: "Are you still working on that?"

Today me and my girlfriend were eating at a local gay-themed breakfast establishment. Our waitress, as is common at any restaurant in the country, frequently "checked in" on us, asking "are you still working on that?" When we both responded that we indeed were, she replied with the affirmation that we would be given the privilege of "taking our time." Thank you friendly robot for granting us further time to finish the assignment at hand. With this kind of language, waiters suggest that we are executing a task rather than savoring a meal that should be enjoyable. No, this is not a pile that I am trying to remove, it is a breakfast quesadilla that I paid for with my own money and will enjoy by my own standards of time. It is a sad commentary on our culture that we describe eating a meal with terms that should be reserved for a high school midterm exam- I will enjoy the taste of my meal rather than laboring over it's consumption. I'm sorry mam, I'm not working on it, I am savoring it.

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