Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today's PStUM: politically ignorant "Libertarians"

We all know two libertarians- one is an actual libertarian, hates unions, hates the minimum wage, thinks no one is entitled to anything. Has a giant hard-on for Ayn Rand, has quasi-elaborate theories about how “competition breeds success,” and has drank the Neo-Liberal Koolaid so much it’s a miracle that he (and it almost always is a ‘he’) doesn’t constantly vomit purple. But he knows what he believes, and as barbaric as his worldview is, you have to respect him for being able to defend it, which he can.

Then there’s the other one. Like the first person, he or she constantly rails against “big government” destroying American liberties. He or she or it hates the Patriot Act, hates the wars, hate the war on drugs, and hate the intrusion of fundamentalist Christianity onto public life. Now, these are all absolutely legitimate positions, but this individual errs by thinking they define what it means to be a capital-L Libertarian. Chances are, he or she is also very disturbed by cuts to higher education funding, challenges to Social Security, and workplace anti-discrimination legislation. He or she may think of Martin Luther King, who called for an end to capitalism and codified legal federal protections for minorities, as an inspiration, or most revoltingly, a libertarian himself. They may also think that “Anarchist” and “Libertarian” are roughly synonyms. It goes without saying, then, that this person is a fucking fool who lacks the political understanding to realize the difference between the State and the Government, to recognize what the inequalities he or she rails against would only be inconceivably deeper with Ron Paul or Gary Johnson in charge, or to understand what the term “Libertarian” means. Don’t like the fact that the US has the deepest economic inequality in the developed world? Don’t like the fact that banks get away with murder and paying zero taxes? Don’t like getting treated like shit at work? Do you like having things like affordable healthcare, infrastructure, higher education, and an at least pseudo-protected environment? Well guess what, you aren’t a fucking Libertarian. There’s more to political identity than being against Marijuana prohibition and our current wars- I know, since I’m a Democratic Socialist and I oppose these things as well. The difference is that my political worldview responds to prevailing socioeconomic patterns in society, rather than a few wedge issues. Read a book or two, you morons.


  1. Meh, being a Libertarian who has had this diatribe with you many a times before, I think we can agree that we simply have differing "end views" of true Libertarianism, whereas I argue that you have more equality than ever and less of this "corporate slavery" you seem to have engraved into your mind as the foreboding conclusion of a system.

    I propose a turn towards libertarianism in the united states to sharply cut government functions and return to market equality where large corporations would be more fallible than ever.

    In turn, we can develop economically across the board, individuals entitled to not only reep maximum profit off of their skills, but able to excise their freedoms in all directions, independent of the norm.

    Only a culture such as that can you begin to fulfill things like "globalized health care" in America. Health care, as an industry, is so advanced, that really, the cost of a long life should not be "expensive" relative any first-world means, but it is. We have discussed how health care in other countries cost less than half per USD for a longer life. But in actuality, it can be had for perhaps a quarter that cost if you ease up sanctions, and allow the country to develop along the emerging lines of open-sourced education - which progresses into a more open market, a much more transparent, a more specialized, a more adaptable market. With a greater ratio of skilled practitioners to every need.

    The US Gov't is actively prohibiting this kind of development. I was saddened to be staying in Minneapolis with an individual in the health care world, who works with a company that attempts to bring emerging technologies to healthcare, for example, a system to help harvest the regrowth of bone cartilage.
    The FDA bans the system, because they do not have a thorough understanding of the science behind it, while in other countries (with more open health care systems, while often socialist, which seems paradoxical, but is really not. They just dont have shit government). On top of this, with the "obamacare" taxes coming, the company this gentleman works for will pay over 1mill in extra taxes this year, while they are barely operating in the black. The cuts, henceforth, will more than likely be made in the R&D department.

    Regardless, I would find it offensive that I would be told to "read a book", when I could tell you to read one as well. Or a lot of them - perhaps directing you towards self-reliance and realization, then some brilliant pieces of economic works. No point in going in circles. But you don't transition an emerging military/police state into a democratically socialist state. That is not how things historically work, nor realistically, when you look at the "players in the game".

    My allegiance to the libertarian party is one of necessitating a dire political change in America. Its rough to grow up knowing, that as an economy advances, general goods become cheaper to produce. Technology gets better. Production lines more advances, Logistics perfected. Yet my dollar has half the purchasing power than it did many years ago.

    A poverty ridden urbanite would be good to find solace in knowing they can work half the hours in rural America, and have a happy fulfilling life, growing all the food they need for their family and more, if only they could break the bonds of their subdued slavery.

    "In the closing days of Kali-yuga (this present age) men will have to work hard like asses for only a scrap of bread."

    We are in the midst of a tragic decline in personal wealth, which, as a nation, should always be on the up-and-up. But there is too much robbery in politics.

    Theres my rant for now. Enjoy danson.

  2. P.S.
    MLK wuz a bitch.
    Malcolm X fo life.