Sunday, September 23, 2012

Today's PStUM: Vegans who are selective about the morality of food consumption

Don’t like milk or honey because of your undying compassion for critters? Fine. Whatever. But know that the amount of suffering and environmental destruction brought on by eating the beefeater tomatoes you bought at Whole Foods is vastly worse than eating bee shit. Chances are, those were pretty much picked by slaves, and if you think that animal products are the only possible ethically and environmentally destructive food category, ask the migrants who endure pesticide exposure and heatstroke to pick your food, and realize the greenhouse gases that are created by flying your sweet (but not too sweet!) Oso onions in from Chile. If you want to be an ethical consumer of food, abstaining from animal products is one small component. Let’s face it, the animals we eat and use for food production are generally pretty retarded, and I care way more about the human suffering brought on by crop production than that which some barely sentient bird feels when it shits out eggs. Tasty, tasty, eggs.

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